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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Calling all home-schooled writers!

Who can enter the most writing contests this year? This competition encourages homeschoolers of every age to get out their pens and join in the race!
Whether you're homeschooled or not, I also highly recommend this site for all your writing contests: http://homeschoolwriters.com/default.aspx
Enjoy! =)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

TooShea Films

Wow, haven't updated in a while...anyway, a lot has happened in the past who-knows. My novel, Tear Stained Eyes didn't really work out very well. Instead, I have been using my time to create movies, so I am proud to introduce my new blog and youtube channel for TooShea Films:


Please check them both out, subscribe and follow too! :) Thanks so much!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catholic Teen Fiction

Though I am not sure whether I will be continuing Tear Stained Eyes or not, I have been reading and discovering a ton of great Catholic Teen Fiction out there! Here's some I highly recommend!:

Catholic, Reluctantly (Book #1 in the John Paul 2 High Series)
by Christian M. Frank
George Peterson would rather wrestle at a big high school, but he has to go to a new school run by Catholic parents: John Paul 2 High. Only seven kids in the whole school! The building is falling apart. Weird things keep happening. And then there s Allie Weaver, drop-dead gorgeous, barely Catholic. Why did her parents suddenly transfer her to John Paul 2 High? And what is she so afraid of?
Sequels: Coming Soon!

Midnight Dancers
by Regina Doman
When teenaged Rachel Durham finds a way that she and her eleven stepsisters can sneak out of their Chesapeake Bayside home after midnight, their troubled fundamentalist father enlists the help of Paul Fester, an ex-soldier and traveling juggler, to find out what the girls are up to. A modern retelling of Grimm's fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses."

Shadow of the Bear
by Regina Doman
When Bear, a mysterious young man, lands on Blanche and Rose Brier's doorstep in New York City, the two sisters have conflicting opinions on whether or not he is dangerous. Even as Blanche learns to trust him, her fears that Bear's friendship threatens their family prove terrifyingly true. A modern retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm fairytale.
Sequels: Black as Night and Waking Rose

Arms of Love
by Carmen Marcoux
Joanie, a strong Catholic woman, setting out in a new career as a journalist, must face one of the greatest challenges of her young life . . . romance.
Committed to the values of Christian courtship, Joanie finds herself attracted to the handsome young commercial producer, Brandon — a man living a very worldly lifestyle. Brandon makes every effort to draw the attractive young reporter into his charms and into his world. Meanwhile, Joanie is battling to resist his advances, as she earnestly seeks to bring Jesus into Brandon’s life.
Sequel: Surrender

The Secret of the Rose
by Sarah L. Thomson
When her father is imprisoned in 1592 England for being Catholic, fourteen-year-old Rosalind disguises herself as a boy and finds an ultimately dangerous job as servant to playwright Christopher Marlowe.

The Saint's Bones
by Mark Edwards
In a September that starts like a hundred Septembers before it, a group of children enroll as freshmen at St. Adalbert’s High School. But in a September that ends like no other September in history, those children discover that they possess supernatural powers, and that they must use those powers to try to save their school and, ultimately, the world!

For pre-teens (under 13), I'd suggest:

Run from the Nun!
by Erin MacLellan
Hoping to escape from Saint Joan of Arc School and return to her former elementary school, fifth-grader Kara is joined by some new classmates as she devises schemes to get expelled and as they all investigate the suspicious actions of the school janitor.

Break-In at the Basilica
by Dianne Ahern
Break-In At The Basilica is the second book in the series of Adventures With Sister Philomena, Special Agent to the Pope. This time the Pope sends Sister Philomena to Assisi to investigate a break-in at the Basilica of Saint Francis. Unable to leave her summer visitiors, niece Delaney and nephew Riley, alone at her convent, Sister Philomena has them tag-along. Eager to assist their aunt in a search for clues the children explore the basilica, study its frescoes, sneak into the tomb of St. Francis, wander through the hilltown of Assisi and end up at the little church of San Damiano. Every once-in-a-while they spot a wolf or hear its howl or feel its presence. Is it real or a spirit? Good or evil? What is it trying to tell them? A turn of events brings the Abbess of the Sisters of Saint Clare of Assisi into the center of the investigation. She helps to catch the thief and determine his unusual punishment. The personal stories of Saint Francis and Saint Clare and the sights and sounds of Assisi are woven into this great tale of adventure in Italy.
Sequels: Lost in St. Peter's Tomb and Curse of the Coins

If you know of any other good Catholic teen (or pre-teen fiction), feel free to email me at amandacbell14@yahoo.com with your suggestions! :-] Enjoy!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Re-write...re-write...and re-write again

That's exactly where I am in this book writing/publishing process. After thinking hard on what I should do, I decided on one thing; to re-write the entire book. I was so happy to receive an email from the same editor stating I need to work on most everything in the book; character development (which I agree that I need work on), plot (I might change it a bit, but I like the moral of the story. Though I do think it needs to flow better.), grammar (always need help with that one.), etc. So, to the re-writing process I go.

I have thought to sending it to other publishers, but I feel that Sophia Institue Press (the publisher I tried) really would be the perfect match for my novel.

Lastly, the editor suggested some GREAT titles of books I should read to help my writing (character development, grammar, plot, etc.). I'd love to share some with you as well:

The Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri
The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler
The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman

I am currently reading, The First Five Pages, and very impressed. I have also checked out a few other writing novels, which I will be sharing with you soon on my Future Teen Writers blog (probably tomorrow). So, check back soon!!!

Amanda C. Bell

Friday, November 14, 2008

News from Publishing Company

I just received an email from the editor for the publishing company I chose -- her response stated my book wasn't ready for publishing, but it did have great potential. So, back to the drawing boards for me.

I have thought of self-publishing it, but I'm hoping/praying that I could possibly get it published through an actual company. We'll just have to see though. :)

Amanda C. Bell

PS: When sending your manuscripts to a publisher, always thank them afterwards, and never give up. Re-write and edit your story, constantly keep persevering to publish your novel.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My New Blog; Future Teen Authors

Hi! I have created yet another blog: http://futureteenauthors.blogspot.com/.

Introducing the one and only, Future Teen Authors blog! I will be posting helpful tips for teen writers on that blog, including help with publishing, writing, writer's block, etc. Please check it out!

Thanks to all my viewers! :)

~Amanda C. Bell~

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Tear Stained Eyes Quotes

Here's some more quotes:

-For once in my life, I was feeling what one would call; a crush. Although, in my case, it's an unthinkable crush.

-Whether he was interested as I was in him, I didn't know, and may not ever know.

-Trust was a word used in many sentences, none of which pertaining to myself or my friends. I had never before, trusted anyone with such a secret. This secret came from the heart.

In other news -- last night, I made my Confirmation!!! I chose St. Cecilia as my Confirmation name. It went well, and was an amazing experience. It was also especially nice for it to be on All Saint's Day.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

~Amanda C. Bell~