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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My New Blog; Future Teen Authors

Hi! I have created yet another blog: http://futureteenauthors.blogspot.com/.

Introducing the one and only, Future Teen Authors blog! I will be posting helpful tips for teen writers on that blog, including help with publishing, writing, writer's block, etc. Please check it out!

Thanks to all my viewers! :)

~Amanda C. Bell~


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

Where do you find the time to have two blogs, read other people's blogs and do school? More power to you!
p.s. There's a Shadow of the Bear movie!!!!!!! I wish I could be in it...is there a special secret website where they're holding auditions???

Amanda C. Bell said...

I'm really organized. ;)


PS: Yep! From what I've heard, they've already cast the characters and they've started filming. The movie blog is here: http://theshadowofthebear.blogspot.com/

The Real Katie said...

Hi Amanda,

I was wondering if you'd like to be interviewed for the Katie & Katie Blog!!

If you would, please comment on my personal blog, Shakespeare & Showtunes.

Thank You and God Bless!

~The Real Katie

Amanda C. Bell said...

I'd love to!!! Thanks so much! I'd be honored!!! :)