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Friday, November 14, 2008

News from Publishing Company

I just received an email from the editor for the publishing company I chose -- her response stated my book wasn't ready for publishing, but it did have great potential. So, back to the drawing boards for me.

I have thought of self-publishing it, but I'm hoping/praying that I could possibly get it published through an actual company. We'll just have to see though. :)

Amanda C. Bell

PS: When sending your manuscripts to a publisher, always thank them afterwards, and never give up. Re-write and edit your story, constantly keep persevering to publish your novel.


Ali Taylor said...

Sorry about that. I bet another publishing company will do it. :)


Delaney said...

So are you going to re-write it? Or will you put it away for a while, work on something else and come back to it later?

Amanda C. Bell said...

Thanks Ali! I hope so too.

Delaney- Probably re-write. I like this plot a lot. I am waiting on a response from the editor again. (I asked what held it back from publishing and emailed to thank her). Hopefully I'll get that soon and find out what I need to work on. ;)


The Other Katie said...

Well I'm sorry they said no but in the long run you'll probably be thankful they did. Now maybe they can help you improve it by telling you what it needs if it's going to be published. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

hi! this is hpharrypotterhp from WI.
why not send your story to a few other publishers?
it could work

Akeria said...

Hey Amanda, I'm a new follower of your blog, but I have read the other two stories that you posted on WI. It's cowattack3 by the way. I was just wondering what publisher you sent your book to? I have a book in mind myself... Thanks Amanda.

The Real Katie said...

hey there!

i tagged you for a meme on my blog Shakespeare & Showtunes. ;)

Amanda C. Bell said...

Akeria, It was a Catholic book publisher: Sophia Institute Press. Check my other blog (Future Teen Authors) for names of other good publishers. :)

Thanks Katie!! I'll go check now!